Seminars & Workshops

4 hour interactive seminars with small groups of 12 or less. Typically at our offices in San Jose on Saturday afternoon. Lead by one of our Associates in the area of expertise and Mark Patrosso as the co-presenter.

The Balancing Act

Are you frequently feeling overwhelmed? Frustrated? Regretful? Do you feel like life is “happening to you” and passing you by? Do you never find time for yourself? Can’t seem to take vacations or time off? If your life is out of balance, this is the perfect workshop to get your work and personal life to a place where you’re at peace and able to manage what’s important to you.

Financial Planning & Taxes

Do I have too much debt? Do I have an emergency fund? How is that saving for you children’s college? When will I have enough money to retire? We will walk you through some simple steps to get your finances where you want them to be. Then set your short term goals.

Communicate More Effectively!

Is communicating a struggle with family, friends and co-workers? You will learn how to communicate more effectively, gain knowledge about the different types of communicators and what some of the common pitfalls are in communicating. What’s the difference between hearing someone and actively listening? You will also learn how to say, NO.”

Jump Start Your Career Now

No matter where you are in your career, this workshop gets you on a path to finding the right move to your next part of your career. Work with our former HR Director to help you discover your path forward and your next steps.

Stress Management

Relaxation, meditation, hypnosis, visualization, reiki and massage. What are they and what are best for you? This workshop introduces you to many techniques and the right management tool for you. In addition, we will review the importance of exercise, a healthy diet and sleep.

Health & Wellness

We all want to eat better, exercise more and lose some weight. Right?? This workshop custom designs the right plan for you. You will work with health and exercise professionals to help you develop a plan of action to get you to the new you. 

Addiction 101

Knowledge is Power – What you need to know about addiction. How do we get help for ourselves or for those people we love? What is addiction? What are the symptoms of addiction? How do people get the disease of alcoholism or drug addiction? Is it a choice?

Relapse is not part of Recovery—it is Relapse!

Now that you stopped with your addictive behavior; what’s to prevent you from going back to that old bad habit? This seminar identifies the most common causes of relapse for those in recovery from an addiction. Participants will learn how to develop healthy coping skills, identify triggers and warning signs. How will you battle boredom and have fun in recovery?