Career Coaching

Are you stuck in your job? Is your career not going the direction you want? Do you just want to do something completely different but don’t know where to start? We have tools, self-exploration questions and resources to get you going.

At Patrosso and Associates we offer Career Options Assessment, Resume Review, Interview Preparation, 100s of Interview Questions and How to Conduct an Informational Interview tutorial.

After a year of COVID-19 lockdown many people have discovered they are not in quite the right place and need a change.

We can offer you over 20 different exercises that can tease out your ideal career and life’s purpose. Let us help you with your new career direction. We can coach you on your next and best career move.

As an example, look at the “Components of My Ideal Career” below. Are you in alignment with what you are doing now and what you really want in the future?

What are the Components of My Ideal Career? Where do you want to be in the next 6 months, the next year and next 5 years? Those are where we start. You get to fill in the blanks. 

Below are 11 components that will help you develop a sense of where you would like to go on your career path.

1. What You Love to Do

A feeling of joy or fulfillment, the heart “sings,” something that creates a feeling of oneness with something or someone, time stops.

2. Unique Gifts and Talents

What are your unique gifts and talents? What’s your contribution to make? How would you like to express these?

3. Skills You Wish to Utilize

These can be skills you currently possess or ones you wish to develop.

4. Fields of Interest / Industries

What areas of interest do you currently have or wish to develop? What specific fields or industries might those relate to?

5. Work Values

What are the most important things to you in your work or workplace?

6. Essence — Your Natural Qualities

Examples: joyful, caring, certain, strong, discerning.

7. Life Mission or Vision

How would you like to contribute? What are you here to do?

8. Who You’d Like to Work With / For

What kinds of people do you want to work with/for?

9. Salary / Benefits

What do you need to receive to feel satisfied?

10. Working Conditions / Environment / Location

Where would you like to work and what conditions do you want?

11. Any Other Factors / Needs

Example: A flexible schedule in order to be able to pick up children from day care or accommodate school life; a need to be with like-minded people; a harmonious, supportive work environment.